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The tale of Freddie and his band, Queen,.
A show within a show, where VIDEO, MUSIC AND FAIRYTALE are intertwined, as emotions grow high from the onset at Night at the Opera and from Live Aid to Wembley. .
Katia Ricciarelli’s exceptional contribution deserves special mention.



These are the opening verses of Queen’s signature song, the most jaw-dropping adventure in the history of Rock. It is a mix of hard-rock, pop, glam, opera, the eighteenth century, drama and man’s existential longings, outcasts, gods and the underworld.
Yet, forty-three years after its publication, its secret meaning has not fully been disclosed and there is no clear understanding of how its success came about. It is much more than a song, it is a monstrosity, a kind of Frankenstein created and sung by an ugly duckling turned into a god and played with an exceptional guitar, carved in the beam of a fireplace, just as it happened to Pinocchio.
Perhaps Queen's secret is just that: being part of two different worlds, one on the ground and the other purely magical.
There are no social messages in their songs, yet they are still powerful, bewitching, believable, and not at all out of touch with reality.
Their art has always been the staging of a fable... romantic, melancholic, ironic, heartbreaking, joyful, sensual, and transgressing traditional boundaries. Reason will not help understand them, rather, one has to surrender to their extraordinary ability to tell tales ... from records, to live, to their lives, especially Freddie’s life.
Queenmania, noble and much followed Queen’s tribute band, comes back once more expanding the boundaries of the concert and creating Queenmania Rapsody, a new show in which music, visual enchantment, narration (under the direction of Daniele Sala) coexist in a more theatrical mix, a true pop rhapsody inhabited by cats, ugly ducklings, magic guitars, spoiled queens and a treasure chest of songs with notes that tug at our heart strings, conjuring up a deceptive feeling  of being able to "live forever”.

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